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So many choices!!! If you’ve been shopping for a containment system, you’ve learned several different fencing companies are out there, all telling you that their pet fence product is the best. Well, the fact is, there are differences. Many of the differences are not important to the effectiveness of your system, but some of the differences could be important, depending on your pet’s particular needs. This is why we carry five different top-quality brands of pet fence products for your dog or cat. We will help you decipher the advertising hype and help you decide which pet containment system is best for your situation. Only Derby’s Pet Fence gives you so many choices along with the expertise to help you decide what is really important for your pet.

Our Products

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More about the Run-Through Preventer

Our training collars offer patented motion-sensing technology that can override the warning tone if your dog tries to run through the signal field. This is critically important for your dog’s safety because a dog running 20 miles an hour can easily cover 30 feet in one second (longer than most signal fields). With lesser systems, the dog is through the signal field while the collar has only given him or her an audible warning and no actual correction. As a result, many people believe they have a tough dog that decides to “brave” the correction in exchange for a day of freedom. The reality is the dog is probably not even getting the proper correction! These stories are common and have made many people reluctant to trust their pets to these types of systems.

Our dog containment systems can stop this behavior because of the patented technology that can override the warning tone and deliver a convincing correction ONLY in the event that the shock collar determines the dog is making a run at the boundary. Our systems can do this while maintaining the warning tone feature for all other situations where the dog merely wanders a little too close to the boundary. We carry the only pet containment system in the world that can give you BOTH run-through protection and a humane audible warning feature! You can have the best of both with a system from Derby’s Pet Fence.


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