The Battery Factor

Since most of the systems we install at Derby’s Pet Fence utilize the latest technology in rechargeable collars (Lithium Ion or Nickel Metal Hydride), we wanted to provide a simple tool so you can see just how much money you will save over the life of your dogs by not having to buy batteries. It’s simple: Just input the current age of your dog(s) in years and months and you will see the total lifetime cost of batteries for some of the more popular brands. It even opened my eyes when I saw the results!

Years Months
Dog 1
Dog 2 (Leave blank if you don’t have a second dog … yet)
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Here is what you would pay over the life of your dog(s) with some of the more popular brands.

Invisible Fence®
Dog Guard®
Pet Stop®

The above calculation assumes no price increases during the next 12 years and does not include sales tax. Battery replacement schedules and battery prices are based on data gathered from a variety of sites on the Internet that sell replacement batteries for these popular brands. These figures should be considered estimates, as different sources may have different prices and you may end up using more or fewer batteries depending on your dog’s use of the system. Our calculations assume your dog lives to the current average life expectancy of 12 years. A shorter or longer life for your dog will significantly change these estimates.

Of course, the battery factor is not just about cost. Here are some other benefits of using our rechargeable collars.

  1. Convenience — You don’t have to wait for a battery to come in the mail or run to the store using your gas and time. Just place the collar on the charger overnight and you’re done.
  2. Availability— What if the battery gets lost in the mail or runs out before you have a chance to get a replacement? Will the stores or your dealer be available if you need a battery on a Sunday? What if your dealer goes out of business?
  3. Durability— If you can open the collar to replace a battery, this means there is a potential entry point for moisture also. Moisture is the enemy of advanced electronics and can destroy your collar. Rubber o-rings minimize this risk but cannot eliminate the risk. Most collars we supply are charged without the use of any access points, making our collars truly waterPROOF — not just water-resistant.
  4. Pet Safety — Let’s face it, at up to $22 for a single battery, some people are going to be tempted to stretch the life of each battery. This could put your pet at risk if the battery runs out. Or, if you don’t have a battery handy and decide to let your pet out without a working collar because he probably won’t notice. Well, at some point, he will notice and may get out of your yard.

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