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Installation and service of electronic dog fencing

If you love dogs and would like a great opportunity to be your own boss in a part-time situation that can grow to full-time, keep reading.

Or perhaps you already have a business that can benefit from an additional revenue stream?

Or, perhaps you are retired or semi-retired and want to begin a new venture that will be profitable and allows you to work with dogs and their owners.

You will make good money keeping dogs safe from the road and giving them lots of freedom to run, not to mention the peace of mind their owners will have!

After 20 years of building a successful dog containment business, I am ready and available to help others. Let me show you how you can be successful too.
We have three options for you to consider and one is FREE

Option 1 - Hardware & Phone Support

If you are comfortable setting up your business and just want to know what hardware we recommend and are happy with basic telephone support, we can help you. We will provide advice on the hardware we use AND you can have your company name printed on the hardware and make it your own brand.

Option 1 is at no charge. We will always provide hardware-related telephone support.

Option 2 - (Business Development & Consulting)

With this option, you pay us a one-time consulting fee (no ongoing fees). This will be your business 100% – we will just give you a running head start with training from someone with 20 years experience in the industry. You will benefit from ALL of our experience which will save you LOTS of time and money. This option will be MUCH cheaper than a franchise or dealership and you will be 100% independent.

What we supply:

You supply:

Option 3 - (Premium Business Development & Consulting)

This includes everything included with Option 2, and adds the following services:

Perhaps one of those options is perfect for you – or someone you know?

If this sounds interesting – Let’s talk.

Send me an email or give me a call (502-314-7398 – ask for Steve and say you are interested in the business opportunity). I am happy to answer any questions you have and to help you decide if this opportunity makes sense for you.

Who will be helping you?

I am Stephen Baralt, the owner of Derby’s Pet Fence. I started this business in 2005 after an 18-year career in the corporate world with a variety of leadership positions. My education includes two business degrees including an MBA from Temple University in Philadelphia.

In 2005, I put my passion for dogs into action and started this business from the ground up. I learned from some of the best in the business and learned a LOT through trial-and-error. I also spent thousands of dollars learning what NOT to do. I honed our sales and marketing techniques over the years and will share all of that with you. You will benefit from all of my experience, and you get to skip the painful and expensive experiments that I did; you will go right to the profitable practices.

The hardware we use was developed to my specifications by one of the leaders in the industry. I have been part of the development team and approved of the design and features. Everything was done with the dog’s safety as the top priority. A system developed by a dog containment expert (me) is going to be different and better than a system developed in any other fashion.

It all starts with a phone call … ask for Steve 502-314-7398

Or send me a text or email. I will respond within 12 hours.

Electronic Dog fencing process

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