What if Something Breaks?

There’s not much that can go wrong with a properly installed system, but of course, things can happen. We want to tell you upfront what you can expect.

Wire Breaks

We use a solid copper wire installed meticulously to prevent the most common types of wire breaks. But, naturally, a misguided shovel, garden tiller, or backhoe will break the wire. Our systems are all smart enough to warn you immediately of the wire break. So, what do you do and how much will it cost?

Derby’s Customers

If Caused by Weed Eater or Edger (part of the Peace of Mind Guarantee)

If your wire is broken by either of these two activities, we will repair your wire as many times as necessary during your first year of ownership at no charge. By the way, because of our attention to detail during the initial installation, we’ve never had to make a repair for this reason. We do it right the first time.

Other Causes of Line Breaks (part of the Peace of Mind Guarantee)

Don’t worry; if you had your wire installed by Derby’s, we will repair it once during your first year for no charge – no matter whose fault it is. That’s right, even if a backhoe breaks the wire when you get your new pool installed, we’ll come out and fix it for you – free.

If your line breaks for reasons not covered by the Peace of Mind Guarantee, our charge for a basic repair starts at $150 (plus hardware). We’re open 7 days a week and prioritize repairs so you can keep your dog safe. We don’t charge extra to work on evenings and weekends!

Non-Derby’s Customers

We gladly repair systems installed by other companies (i.e., Invisible Fence™, Invisible Technologies™, Pet-Safe™, Innotek™, Dog Watch™, and Dog Guard™). We carry various wire types and parts and can safely repair any brand.

Hardware (Collars and Transmitters) 

The durability of our collars and transmitter is outstanding. But, of course, problems may occur. Not to worry. All of our hardware has a limited lifetime warranty and a full guarantee for one full year.

If a problem occurs within one year from the date of purchase:

You will get a total replacement directly from Derby’s Pet Fence. No need to contact the manufacturer – we’ll handle everything and give you quick replacements. We are open 7 days a week and carry extra equipment so we can quickly get your system working again.

If a problem occurs after one year:

If any hardware has a problem after the first year, each manufacturer has a limited lifetime warranty on their parts. This means replacements, after the first year, will be at a significantly reduced cost. Again, you can contact Derby’s Pet Fence and let us handle everything for you, or you can contact the manufacturer directly. Remember that your equipment is backed by the largest names in the pet containment industry.

if Something Breaks


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