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There are other companies that sell a similar product, why should I choose Derby’s Pet Fence over the others?

Mention this special offer and get a fence installed for a 30 day free trial. Pay us only if you decide to keep it. If, after 30 days, you no longer want the fence, we will remove our hardware and you won’t owe us a penny.

Why are we doing this?

Are we crazy? – Maybe. Are we confident? – Absolutely. This type of offer is unheard of in our industry or with any other similar service. We’re doing this because we know many people are worried it won’t work for their dog. We also know that sometimes it gets confusing when multiple companies are making claims that their system is the “best”.

We are confident you will see that even the most stubborn dogs will quickly be trained and will be able to safely play outside. Our experience is when owners see how they have true peace of mind knowing they’ve given their dog freedom and safety, they will be thrilled they called us. We hear it time and time again that getting a Derby’s Pet Fence is the “best thing I’ve ever done” or “that was the best money I’ve ever spent” (see our testimonials).

Are we taking some risk? Sure, but in these economic times, we’re willing to take some risk to get your business. We’re confident, you’ll be just like our other customers that can’t imagine going back to the days before they had a Derby’s Pet Fence.

Limitations and Requirements

Free Trial - Derby's Pet Fence

Free Trial Derbys Pet Fence

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