Training Your Dog:

Our Gentle and Fun Boundary Training program was written based on our many years of experience training thousands of dogs to electronic pet fences. Several of the area’s top dog trainers have reviewed and approved our program. It is the most effective training program we have seen. The single most important thing with any electronic pet fencing system is the training. We will use our experience to customize the training for the needs of your particular dog.

Training Your Dog

What you can expect:

Our training program is simple, requires about 7 to 9 days, and takes only two 10-minute sessions daily. We even conduct the first session with you! No pet fencing system available is “plug-n-play”. Even the smartest dog in the world is not born knowing what to do or which direction to turn when he hears a beep. This must be taught.  The training is easy and can be done by any family member. It is designed to be highly effective and minimizes the corrections needed before giving your dog complete freedom and safety in his yard. Your dog must be kept on a leash when outside for 7 to 9 days.

Your Derby’s Pet Fence representative will conduct the first training session with you and your dog. We will explain the program and give our training guide material. The training consists of simple 10-minute exercises that must be done twice a day.

Training Your Dog Derby´s Pet Fence

You will be given instructions on completing the program’s balance. We will be available by phone 7-days a week and will return as many times as necessary, at no charge, if follow-up sessions are required. People are surprised to learn that most dogs only require 3 to 7 corrections during the training period before they will be considered fully trained. It literally may be several years (if ever) before they get another correction. I’ve even seen a few dogs that only received ONE correction during the training period (and may never get another one). This all depends on you conducting the training described in our unique guidelines. So many things set us apart from the competition – our commitment to your dog’s training is one of the most important!


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