Derby's Pet Fence is Louisville, Lexington & Southern Indiana's best electric dog fence company

Louisville, Lexington and Southern Indiana's
Best Electric Fence Company

We have the best underground and invisible solutions for your dog fencing – it’s safe and effective!

Derby’s Pet Fence is a local and independent dog fence installation company serving Louisville, Lexington and Southern Indiana, as well as surrounding areas in Kentucky. We service any brand of professionally installed electronic pet fencing including the Invisible Fence brand, Pet Stop, Dogwatch, and Dog Guard. We service all the popular homeowner-installed systems, including PetSafe, Sport Dog, and Perimeter Technologies.

The Benefits of Derby's Pet Fence

Derby’s Pet Fence is Louisville, Lexington, & Southern Indianas leading provider of electric dog fence systems. We offer a variety of benefits to our customers, including:

We offer a variety of electric dog fence systems to fit your needs and budget. Our systems are designed to be safe and effective for all types of dogs, including stubborn dogs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to frequently asked questions about electric dog fences and ask your own questions!

There are other companies that sell a similar product, why should I choose Derby’s Pet Fence over the others?

All the companies in our area share the same basic technology that was invented by Invisible Fence® many years ago. Each has a good product and will help you keep your dog safe. We truly believe that each company operates with the well being of your pet as their top priority and each of them have an effective product. So, your choice comes down to finding a company that you trust and that offers you the best overall value. We’ve developed the attached Buyer’s Tool to help you compare this areas most popular companies side-by-side.

Will the correction harm my dog?

NO. The mild correction that your dog feels is designed to be undesirable so your dog will avoid it, yet is totally harmless and humane. Our systems give the dog an audible alert BEFORE a shock is received. Your dog will quickly associate the audible alarm with impending discomfort, so he or she will soon understand where the boundaries are.

Will this system work for all dogs?

Almost all dogs can be successfully trained to stay safely in their yard with our systems. There are a few breeds or circumstances that may need special consideration. We will discuss your situation with you before we begin any installation.

How will I know if my collar is charged and working correctly?

Our collars are unique in that they have a status light that will blink green when your collar is charged and working properly. Most other systems being sold either have no light, or they have a “low-battery” light which only flashes for a few days when the collar is really low, then stops flashing when battery is completely drained (leaving you a 50-50 chance of the collar working if the light is not flashing). With our collars, you’ll always know for sure when you see the green light.

How old should my dog be before using an electronic device?

It depends on the dog. This can be discussed during the initial consultation to make sure we consider the specific circumstances to determine what is best for your dog.

Can more than one dog share the same system?

Yes. You will only have to purchase additional collars.

Is Derby’s Pet Fence the same as Invisible Fence®?

Every week we get several calls from people asking us if we can give them a quote on an Invisible Fence® for their dog. We want to be clear, we are not an Invisible Fence® dealer, Invisible Fence® is a trademarked name that refers to a specific company and product.

Derby’s Pet Fence sells electronic pet fencing that is similar to what is sold by Invisible Fence®, but we use products with a higher level of technology that provide significant improvement and cost savings for the pet owner. We DO often have used Invisible Fence® collars and other hardware for sale to dog owners in Kentucky.

Does it make sense to switch to a Derby’s Pet Fence if I already have an Invisible Fence® system?

It depends. Because of the expensive battery requirements of most other systems and our generous buy-back program, it actually makes sense to switch in most cases. The one-time cost for switching over is soon paid back to you because you no longer have to buy expensive batteries (at $16 each – every 3 or 4 months). The more dogs you have, the more quickly this payback occurs.

Often, in less than 3 or 4 years, you will be ahead of the game financially by letting us upgrade your system to a Derby’s Pet Fence system. With four dogs or more, that payback time is less than 3 years! In addition to the cost savings – you will get several other features that will be a step-up from what you currently have.

If you are adding a new dog to your pack – the payback is almost immediate because of the high price that Invisible Fence® charges for a new collar. It’s a “no-brainer” to switch from Invisible Fence® to a Derby’s Pet Fence in this situation.

Watch Our Fence in Action

See our video below to see what Derby’s Pet Fence can do for you.

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This video was created by one of our happy customers!

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Susan Gibbs
Susan Gibbs
I live in southern IN. So happy to have found this service. Installation, training and resources are excellent.
Steve Conte
Steve Conte
Great service and awesome people
Ashley Wood
Ashley Wood
My experience with this company has been wonderful from fast response times to very nice technicians. Everyone I've encountered from this company seems to genuinely love dogs.
Seymour Bunsen
Seymour Bunsen
Derby’s Pet Fence is made up of professionals both in the office and in the field. I installed our existing backyard system approx 20 years ago and updated the transmitter and receivers 9 months ago. We wanted to add a fence in the front yard. Rather than add a new, separate system, Derby’s Pet Fence said we should add to our existing fence and take advantage of our transmitter and receiver. The end product, which encompasses our home, exceeded our expectations and cost less than expected. The installation tech was onsite within a week, quoted the work and had the job done the same day. No fuss, quality work!
James Overstreet
James Overstreet
The owners truly care about the animals, in this case our 2 German Shepherds, well-being, safety as well as perimeter protection for them and peace of mind of the customers. . The owners have a “Customer First” attitude that is so refreshing and sets a positive model for other business owners. I highly recommend Derby’s Pet Fence. They will take good care of you, the customer, and your pets.
Ethan Hamby
Ethan Hamby
They were great! Now my dog doesn’t run into the neighbors yards all the time
BamG 1014
BamG 1014
First time dog owner and I called several area businesses to ask about electric fences. Derby’s Pet Fence answered each question (and many phone calls) professional and did not try to sell me anything more or bash other businesses. Installation was a breeze and the training material was excellent-even though it was on me to do it, was very easy to do. Highly recommend!! As you can tell, our little dog Dixie is quite comfortable and having the ability for her to roam freely but safely is a huge stress relief with this fence!
Matt Stephens
Matt Stephens
We had a great experience! Installation went well and our dog trained quickly. He now can run in the backyard with the kids, chase birds and sun his belly without being on a leash. I highly recommend Derby's. Thanks!
Ernie Kirby
Ernie Kirby
I would like to thank Derby Pet Fence for their professionalism and great customer service. We had them out to install an underground wire fence for our dogs. Scott and Blake were the technicians. They showed up on time, installed it quickly and trained us on how to use it. They answered any questions we had. Their customers service is second to none (I talked to Michelle) when I called. Super nice and very informative. They also checked in on us after installation to make sure everything was going ok. Thank you again Derby Pet Fence for giving us peace of mind and keeping our dogs safe within our property. Highly recommend them for keeping your pets safe!


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