Invisible Fence™ Used Equipment

At Derby’s Pet Fence we often end up with pet containment systems from different companies when customers upgrade to one of our systems. As a result, we have previously owned Invisible Fence™ equipment available for sale in the Louisville, KY area. This includes Invisible Fence™ collars, transmitters, and power supplies. This equipment is used, but tested and proven to be in good working condition.

This equipment is available only to the residents of the following areas: Louisville, Southern Indiana, Shelbyville, Frankfort, and Versailles. We want to be able to personally install and service any equipment that we sell, so we cannot ship this equipment out of our service area.

Invisible Fence™ Used Equipment

Systems and other equipment 

If you need a replacement transmitter for Invisible Fence™ – we always have several in stock. We sometimes have other brands available, so please ask. Since Invisible Fence™ is a common system in the Louisville area we always have these systems available as a result of people trading them in. These are previously owned systems and prices will vary based on condition.


If you already own an Invisible Fence™ system and just need to buy another collar, we have used collars that will save you hundreds versus buying new. We’ll come to your house and make sure it is in good working order and will work with your system. All collars are used and prices will vary according to condition


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