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In addition to giving dogs freedom and safety with Derby’s Pet Fence, Steve Baralt (Derby’s “Top Dog”) is a dog trainer (general dog leadership) and a pet nutrition consultant.  He has a passion for responsible pet ownership and the core of this starts with what we feed our pets.  

The quick summary is this:  God knew what he was doing when he created dogs.  Just look at their teeth and you will see what he meant for dogs to eat (Meat – not grains).  You also learned in elementary school that dogs are carnivores.

The pet food companies are pretty much allowed to lie on the front of the package – but the ingredient list must be factual.  Take a look at the ingredients of your current food and see what you think.  If you see corn, soy, wheat, chicken by-products, and beet pulp … you can easily do better for your dog.

While a well-researched and administered “raw” diet is the gold standard for dogs, most families cannot justify the cost or the lack of convenience.  Freeze-dried or dehydrated foods, high quality grain free canned foods are good options also.  But, for many, dry kibble is the most convenient and cost-effective.

Specific Foods Recommended by Derby’s Pet Fence:

Orijen, Merrick, Zignature, Wellness, Instinct Raw Boost, Candidae

We suggest going to to see how your current dog food rates.

For more detail on dog and cat nutrition, I recommend an outstanding article by Dr. Karen Shaw Becker.  This article can be found on my personal website: 

If you are in Louisville, Lexington, Southern Indiana, or any of the surrounding areas, Stephen Baralt is the owner of Derby’s Pet Fence and will be happy to help you with your electronic pet fencing.  We are a local and independent company.  We have a real live person answer our phone 7 days a week!  We give free quotes right over the phone. 

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