Benefits of an Invisible (Electronic) Fence versus a Physical Fence

The days of letting your dog roam free are long gone. All responsible dog owners need a reliable way to keep their dog safe and to keep them from bothering the neighbors. The choices are to install a traditional physical fence (regardless of construction material used), or to install an electric or electronic fence. These fences are often generically referred to as an invisible fence or an underground fence.

Like anything in life, there are trade-offs and no one solution is best for all situations. Here are some of the basic benefits and drawbacks to consider for each:

The cost of physical fences varies widely in price depending on the material used and if you do it yourself. Electronic fencing is usually a fraction of the cost of a physical fence.

When looking at fencing strictly as it relates to dog safety, physical fences have several limitations. First and foremost, they almost always must be limited to the backyard only. Even if your HOA would allow fencing in the front, then you will have to open a gate to get your car in. Every time that gate gets opened, you are giving your dog a temptation that may cost him his life. An invisible or electronic fence almost always includes the front yard also. This way, no matter what door you open, your dog is always safe and contained.

Benefits of an Invisible Electronic Fence versus a Physical Fence

The effectiveness of containing a dog is actually far superior with a fence you cannot even see. There are many dogs that can jump or climb a physical fence. A simple search on YouTube will give many humorous examples of dogs escaping their expensive physical fences. Dogs cannot jump over or dig under their invisible fence. Once properly trained, they are very close to 100% effective at keeping dogs safe.
Of course, an invisible fence does not keep out the neighbor’s dogs or kids and does not provide you with any privacy. But, on the flip side, it won’t obstruct your view or give you a lifetime of weekly weed eating. There are occasions when having both types of fencing even makes sense. Perhaps you need privacy in the back, but also want to make sure your dog is safe when the front door is opened and you are afraid he could climb over the physical fence.
If you could only choose one, the electronic fence is far superior when considering the safety of your dog.

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